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3D Scanning Case Study: ScanMatter Studios Captures Design Intent for Brooks Sports

Posted By Thomas Tong on March 29, 2012 at 4:30 PM

This week’s blog post is contributed by 3D3 Solutions’ customer, Kevin Carr from ScanMatter Studios, Inc. 

3D scanning of shoesBrooks Sports contacted ScanMatter Studios, Inc to explore the option of moving their physical-based shoe samples to the digital realm. Every color or material change on a physical shoe sample had to be ordered from the manufacturer which was not only costly, but had a long lead time to see the results. Creating a digital sample would allow the designers to see their changes in near real-time at a fraction of the cost. Now the question came, how do we create a digital sample that looks identical to the physical product? The Solution: 3D scanning. This would only require Brooks Sports to make one physical sample of each model in the season line up. Using 3D3 Solutions’ HDI Advance 3D Scanning System, we were able to capture the rich details needed to convey the design intent in a digital format. FlexScan3D, the 3D capture software included with the scanner, made it quick and easy to align and process the data. Photogrammetry data alignment, along with the turntable and high resolution color texture capture option, made the HDI Advance our preferred scanning system for product viz projects. In the end, the client was impressed with the time and cost savings as a result of the new process.

Download the full case study for more information on the process of how ScanMatter Studios, Inc produced the final digital samples for their client.

Download Case Study


This blog post was previously posted on Thu, Mar 29, 2012 on 3D3 Solutions blog. LMI Technologies acquired 3D3 Solutions on May 1, 2013.

Posted by Thomas Tong