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Mark Maleta

Mark has been involved in the wood processing industry for 40 years, and also has decades of experience in business automation and optimization. He joined LMI Technologies in 2009 and is a Senior Account Manager.

Recent Posts

From Super Cycles to Super Mills, 3D Technology Continues to Reshape the Wood Industry

Posted By Mark Maleta on October 16, 2014 at 4:22 PM

The timber industry has always been cyclical. It is typically the first to be affected by a downturn, and the last to emerge from it. For example, in the recent sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2007-2010, much of our lumber investments and interests were transferred to China. Since then, we have seen a slow but sure increase in housing starts and lumber prices. Most predictions indicate the next super-cycle peak is yet to come, which means new opportunities and next generation technology will continue to push the wood industry forward.

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