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Findings from 3D Measurement Study: How Behavior Impacts Measurement

Posted By Thomas Tong on July 13, 2012 at 11:00 AM

As the Annual Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference (CMSC) is approaching next month, we found an interesting measurement study report released in Fall 2011 conducted by the organization on How Behavior Impacts Your Measurement. The report is a follow up of previous studies conducted by CMSC to explore the need for personnel certification in portable metrology.

The 2009 study found that a certification program would be a definite value for the metrology community. Currently the operator, which is the greatest potential source of error, is not required to be certified. The 2010 study examines the importance of understanding core measurement principles, implementing the right measurement strategy, and having a questioning culture when an operator is using metrology equipment to acquire measurement data.

The latest 2011 study focuses on measurement strategies and behaviors of coordinate metrologists. In the study, people conducted 3D measurement tasks on two days using various coordinate measuring systems. On the first day, 3D measurement tasks were carried out with little or no instruction. On the second day, 3D measurement tasks were conducted with instructions or procedures. The results from the two days were compared.

Takeaways from the Study

After the results were compared for both days, measurements from day 2 had better results compared to day 1. The outcome of this study drives home the importance of defined best practices and understanding measurement fundamentals that enable an individual to make informed judgments about a measurement. It also found that questioning and planning all measurement requirements help reduce the possibility of generating poor measurements.

The report highlights that taking 3D measurement is a complicated task that requires proper training in order to achieve great scan results. Businesses can spend a lot of money on expensive equipment that guarantees high quality results but ultimately the operator needs to know how to use the equipment properly or else poor results will be produced. Learning new equipment takes time and effort so it is important to make sure that the operator allocate some time for training and practice with the equipment in order to use it to its maximum potential.

To learn more how the study was conducted and for more details on the results, please read the full 3D measurement report

PHOTO SOURCE: How Behavior Impacts Your Measurement, 2011 CMSC Measurement Study Report

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Posted by Thomas Tong