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Free Interactive Photo Imaging Book on iTunes

Posted By Pauline Tang on April 3, 2013 at 12:30 PM

Interactive Photo Imaging is an interactive textbook for students of photography and interactive media published by Moshe Caine from the Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem. It provides a comprehensive yet simple overview of the transition of the digital photographic and imaging technologies from a passive medium to one where the creator and user alike may interact with the visual content and extract a richer comprehension of the content and context.

Some of the topics include:

Interacting with space
Interacting with objects
Interacting with size
Interacting with light
Interacting with time
Interacting beyond the visible spectrum
Interacting with metadata
Mobile Photography

ibook 3d scanning page

The book is beautifully written with many stunning visuals, videos, and interactive components including digital 3D models that permits the reader to rotate on screen. It also features the following topics related to 3D scanning: laser scanners, white light scanners, kinect 3d scanning, and stereo image based 3D modeling.

interactive photo imaging book
The book is available for download on your iPad with iBooks or on your computer with iTunes. It is best viewed on an iPad. For more information and to download it for free, please visit the iTunes Store.

PHOTO SOURCE: Interactive Photo Imaging

This blog post was previously posted on Wed, Apr 3,, 2013 on 3D3 Solutions blog. LMI Technologies acquired 3D3 Solutions on
May 1, 2013. 3D3 Solutions website will be redirected to LMI Technologies website. 

Posted by Pauline Tang