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New Feature in 3D Scanning Software FlexScan3D: Color Texture Merge

Posted By Pauline Tang on June 27, 2012 at 2:47 PM

Our team has made a major breakthrough for processing color scans. For the first time, users can merge color 3D scans of an object together and export it as a complete digital 3D model all within FlexScan3D. With a click of a button, FlexScan3D blends the colors and merges the scans together. Users no longer need to export color scans individually to manually merge them in a separate post-processing application. This new feature produces stunning results as well as reduces post-processing time since the entire process is automated. Click on the video below for a demonstration of this feature.

The Color Texture Merge feature is available in the latest version of FlexScan3D 3.1. The software is included with the purchase of a HDI 3D Scanner.

If you purchased FlexScan3D Software or the HDI 3D Scanner in the past and would like to upgrade your license, please contact us. The upgrade is associated with a fee unless a customer has an active FlexScan3D maintenance contract.

This blog post was previously posted on Wed, Jun 27, 2012 on 3D3 Solutions blog. LMI Technologies acquired 3D3 Solutions on May 1, 2013. 3D3 Solutions website will be redirected to LMI Technologies website. Please note that LMI Technologies no longer sells FlexScan3D Software as a separate software package. FlexScan3D software is the 3D scanning engine for HDI 3D Scanners.

Posted by Pauline Tang